Find the best weed grinder for your needs

If you have access you high-quality herbs like medical marijuana why not make the most of it? By using a weed grinder, you will make your herb finer thus making it easier to use it with a vaporizer, bong, pipe, blunt or any other way you want to smoke.

There are a lot of options for you from the one that you can find head shops or gas stations but are you sure that they are high-quality products? I’m sure that we all want the best herb, but you desire to put your health at risk by using a cheap grinder that can break or leave metal fillings in your herb?

Let’s start our journey and find the best grinder because there are a lot of choices online I had to make the top 3 list for you with the best grinders.

What is a grinder

A grinder is a small device that will shred your herb, marijuana, tobacco or any other plants using sharp stainless steel or aluminum teeth; the concept is pretty basic and self-explanatory. The grinding process takes place between the topmost parts that have big teeth that will grind once you start twisting the lid.

High-end grinders may cost from $30 to $90; the most used are Space Case, Santa Cruz Shredder and Mendo Mulcher, using these three you will make the most of your weed.

It comes in 1, 2 and three chambers, but the most popular ones are with 2 and three chambers.

Which one is better

  • One chamber grinders are also called two-piece crushers, they will have only one compartment; there are a few bad aspects like you won’t be able to store your herbs in there. The grinded herbs may be uneven, and you will have a hard time retrieving the plants because of the teeth.
  • Two chamber grinders, two piece shredders, are similar to the first ones, but these have a stainless steel mesh between the two chambers that allows a certain size to fall. Thus making the whole grinding process better since your herbs are now even.
  • Three chamber grinders, four pieces, they will have another chamber that has a fine screen (kief catcher).

The differences are small, but I like the one with four pieces because I like to collect kief that will be used later. The only notable difference is the size of the screen holes and the materials used.

Cannabis Grinder Ultimate Buyers Guide
Click For The Weed Grinder Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

How to use a grinder

How To Use a Weed Grinder
How To Use a Pot Grinder
  • Insert your materials in the top chamber
  • Twist the list ten until you won’t feel any resistance
  • Shake the device a few times to get more kief
  • Tap the side a bit to get all the materials from the sides
  • Keep the bottom part firmly in your hand while you open it
  • Gently pour your herb
  • If there are herbs in the top chamber turning the lid a few more times will fix the problem, but make sure to screw the bottom part before you do anything.

Different types of grinders

While we are looking for the best herb grinder, you will see that there are a lot of materials to choose from  but not all of them are good. Some of them can even damage your health so let’s see what they can do.


acrylic weed grinder
acrylic herb grinder

These materials are the most common between girders and are the cheapest to buy, but they also have the shortest life span. I would buy something like this only if I have no other choice and I need a shredder fast using it only a few times.

We suggest taking a look at the 7 reasons why not to buy an acrylic grinder, if we are looking for some cheap metal grinders take a look at our list of high-quality cheap ones.

Over time, the teeth will break this isn’t a huge problem, but what happens when you have a few small pieces of plastic in your herb. If you’re not careful most likely, you will inhale it which is very dangerous so be careful.


wood weed grinder
wooden grinder

Wood grinders look good let’s face it they are fancy and show style, you can also customize it at home with some engraved letters and so on, thus having a custom pot grinder will make you look apart. But they all only have one chamber (2 piece shredders) so what out for this; the teeth are just nails so don’t get your hopes up.

The most important thing that you need to pay attention is that some wooden grinders have finished interior. This aspect can be a health hazard since this is done using chemicals so look for one that has the inside just raw wood.


meta -herb grinder
metal herb grinder

Well, these are the most common grinders since the provide the best performance and will shred your herb like crazy. These come with 1, 2 and three chambers so they are very versatile.

  • Aluminum. The most common material, long lasting but after a while you will notice that the teeth have shrunk which means that it’s time to get a new one, but you will keep them for a while.
  • Titanium.The name says it all; they will be your grinder for a very long time; the price tag will be bigger but all worth it.

Other types that we will review later are:

  • Electric. Not worth the investment since they are one chamber grinders, manual work is way better.
  • Hand Crank.  You will lose control over the grinding process; I don’t like them.
  • No grinder. Really ? Can you live without your phone for a week?

Top 3 Herb Grinders

I personally have a few grinders of my own but wanted to share my list with you because we are constantly bombed with new products that are described as the best in the world and when you try them they underperform, I’m sick of that.

Using a grinder isn’t the hardest thing in the world, but I made a simple walk through. I also made a few in-depth reviews for this products, but it’s easier to share in the top 3 list.  I won’t go into many details I’ll just share the things that I like and don’t.

Space Case Grinder Review, 4 pieces

space case grinder review
Space Case Grinder Review

The Space Grinder is probably the best-known grinder on the market, made from aluminum that has been anodized and coated with titanium. You know that they mean business since Space Case makes full titanium models too that are a little bit more expensive, but if you can afford them then get one, it will last a lifetime.

The teeth sharp as hell, on both the two piece and the four piece models, I perfect four pieces. The pollen catcher is on of the best; you will get only quality kief in there since they have the finest steel mesh.

Pros. The magnetic lid, even thou there are other brands that have this, you can grind store and collect pollen all in one go with this.

Cons. The price tag may be one, but it’s an investment that will pay itself since this will be the only one that you will be using for a long time.

Pro Tip. Don’t put your herb in the middle, spread it over the sides.

Santa Cruz Shredder Review, 4 piece

Large Santa Cruz Shredder Review
Large Santa Cruz Shredder Review

I told you that all high-end grinders use aluminium, and the advantages are clear from the start, but let’s talk more about the Santa Cruz. I like the fact that it’s made for medical marijuana users this means that they put more effort on quality over price.

It’s made from anodized aluminum, and the inside is treated using high-frequency sound waves in order to remove all the impurities and contaminants. This way you can store your herbs in it for a long time and still remain fresh.

The teeth have a unique design and have sharp edges on both sides thus making the grinding process more simple; you will also get finer weed that is perfect for any vaporizer. The lid is magnetic too, and it makes a great seal.

Pro. All the things listed above, since it’s made for medical users this is a high-end product.

Cons. High-end products mean more money, even though it’s cheaper than the Space Case, I wanted something under $50, that can do the same thing.

Pro Tip. If you want a finer grind, tip it on the other side and start grinding, your herb will stay in the teeth more thus making finer chunks.

Magic-Flight Grinder

Magic Flight Finishing Grinder
Magic Flight Finishing Grinder

Weed grinding with style, this should be the headline for this device; the price is smaller from the two above. You can easily customize this grinder as you like making the connection more personal. The quality is exemplar for a grinder made of wood, and don’t worry about toxins inside it because this part wasn’t treated in any way.

Pro. The quality and the customizing part.

Cons. It’s a two piece grinder thus making the whole process harder to collect your weed. Because it’s made of wood, it will be harder to clean it.

So who wins ?


Large Santa Cruz Shredder Black
Large Santa Cruz Shredder Black

Most people will say that the Space Case Grinder has to be a winner, but I’m not most people, so I have to say that the Santa Cruz Shredder has to win this battle. It has all the features of the Space Case but get more points for quality since they only deal with medical supplies.

My father once told me something “You get what you pay for”, I have to agree to this because you can expect a $5 dollar shredder to be compared to the Santa Cruz, you want a unit that will last long even if the price tag is a bit more than most competitors.

You can look around and get one that costs $10, but you will have to change it every 3-6 months or so and it will cost you more. It can break when you need it the most which happened to me ONCE, then I decided that I need the best grinder for my herb.

Make sure to take a look at our Ultimate Herb Grinder Buyer’s Guide, there you will find out all the important aspects that you need to consider before buying any grinder, the list will be updated regularly if we missed any good points.


Cool, Custom and Unique Herb Grinders

IF you are not interested in the performance side of things, I suggest that you take a look here to find a lot more unique weed grinders. Some of them are more than decent, so you don’t have to worry too much about quality, because these pieces will be unique amongst your friends group. You can get custom made grinders with mad designs or you can get a mad finish on a Space Case Grinder or a Santa Cruz Shredder from these guys.

Marijuana accessories

These are all the rage right now, because in some states mmj is legal and in others is obtainable for medical usage. More and more people want to feel more unique and have a better smoking experience. Here comes the new weed accessories that will blow your mind. We have selected a few and listed them here, but there are a lot of places from where you can buy them and still maintain the quality level.

Weed Jars

We all need a safe storage container that will keep those tasty buds fresh before grinding. Or if you are like me a love kief you should get a kief container that has a rubber seal at the top to keep the air out. We made a small list with some of the best weed jars, located here, we hope that you will enjoy them as much as we do.

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