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7 Reasons Not To Buy an Acrylic Grinder

Are you in the market for a new herb grinder? Read on and find out why it’s a bad idea to buy an acrylic marijuana grinder and what are the dangers that come with this decision.

A grinder must be made from long lasting materials like titanium or aluminium, even thou these are more expensive like the Santa Cruz Shredder. This one will last 10+ years, and you won’t need to spend more money on a new one

Reasons not to buy an acrylic grinder

These are the main reasons not to make a mistake, read our weed grinder reviews to find your best match.

acrylic herb grinders
acrylic 4 piece herb grinders

1. The teeth will break

Acrylic is a harder form of plastic thus making it weaker compared to any metal herb grinder. If it loses some teeth, you will see that the grinding process won’t have the same output. When it happens you will have to buy a new one, even thou an acrylic shredder costs a few bucks, you will have to get a new one quite often.

2. Plastic waste

No, I’m not talking about the planet here and the global warming issue, I’m talking about small plastic debris in your weed. Once you smoke it you will inhale toxic fumes that can cause cancer.

3. No pollen catcher

Most of these grinders lack a pollen chamber which sucks because kief is awesome, read more about it. You will thank me for this because it’s an epic feeling when you sprinkle some kief into a bud, thus making a metal grinder a must have for you.

4. No fluff

Fluffy weed makes your smoking session not only boring, but you can’t achieve its full potential. Borrow one from a friend and see the difference in a vaporizer, bud, joint or any other form of smoking.

5. Quality Matters

Plastic is a low-end material; you want to smoke the finest or strongest herb, but you use a poorly made grinder that underperforms. If you a medical smoker you doctor will ban you if you use an acrylic shredder.

6. Small price difference

If you are a casual user, you can easily find $5 marijuana grinders that will perform way better than an acrylic one. I don’t recommend it, but if you are on a low budget, you can make it work. Take a look at some grinders that we have reviewed and compare them.

7. No style

Plastic is for kids if you want to look apart get a wood herb grinder they look awesome, but forget about the titanium ones.

I hope to get my drift and get a high-quality grinder that will last longer and will do its job flawlessly the whole time, and you will get the same quality kief from your special herb.

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