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Advice on how to smoke weed at home without worries

Advice on how to smoke pot without getting caught by your parents? If you have a favorite mill, and he considers the best way to smoke weed to shoot, and this article will teach you how to smoke in your bedroom without getting caught.

smoke weed without getting caught
smoke weed without getting caught

The wind is out of the way

It is the most common and the best way to smoke marijuana at home. Light up your joint, blunt or bong, take a hit and quickly extinguish it. When you are ready to exhale, od it thou a toilet paper roll in which you’ve put some dry sheets. Here are some good videos this way.

No smoking in the bathroom 😉

While browsing for methods, we’ve found this article about smoking in the bathroom. I like the idea because it can be totally natural to spend high amounts of time in there without looking suspicious.

What you have to do is to cover the gap between the door and floor using a towel. However, if you want to go the full way, (which is highly recommended) turn on the shower on hot water, the mist will neutralize the odor faster.

Deodorizers usage?

Another method found on the GrassCity forum, states that using a dehumidifier in addition to Febreze. The problem that I found is that the Febreze won’t cover up all the smoke, so I don’t recommend this unless you have a fan or something to get some of the smoke out.

I would use the toilet paper roll and dryer sheet method instead.

If you know a better way to help teenagers smoke at home without getting caught, post it in the comment section or use the contact us form. Let’s find the best way to smoke pot at home together.

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