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Best Grinder for Vaporizers

What is a Vaporizer?

A vape is an electrical instrument that heat up your herb so that you can inhale the vapor, which is much healthier for you than smoking. There are a lot of vapor types; the most widely used are the “desktop” ones because they provide more vapor for the same amount of herb as portables ones.

I won’t start listing all the things that vaporizers do because we’ve attached an infographic below the content for you to read.

Why is it important to grind your weed?

If you don’t own a good grinder, you will probably notice that the amount of smoke that you exhale is considerable smaller. If you choose to live in the dark ages and use scissors and your hand, you won’t be able to enjoy that awesome vapor.

The biggest problems are if the grinded material is too powdery it will go through the heating pipes and won’t burn. You won’t be able to use a vaporizer properly if you don’t use the best weed grinder that you can find.

best grinder for vaporizer

Main buying criteria

We made a more in-depth pot grinder buyer’s guide so here we will list only the most important aspects that define an MMJ grinder as the best one for the vaporizer usage.

Teeth – The teeth mush have a special shape (like the Santa Cruz) that makes them interlock better than another we’ve seen so far. They also have to be made from stainless steel or even better aluminum so that they can grind for longer periods of time. Another aspect is the position and number, yes, they need a lot of time research to achieve perfect alignment.

Material – We consider acrylic grinder as being the worst (read seven reasons why), that why we recommend using only metal herb grinders even if you are not interested in vape smoking. Aircraft Grade Anodized Aluminum (AGAA) is the best material from which all top rated shredders are made of, some of them even use Titanium as coating since it would be unrealistically expensive otherwise.

Multi Chamber – If you truly want the best grinder for vaporizers you must be looking for a 3 or 4 piece metal grinder. Why complicate things with a two piece shredder for which you need to have a piece of paper to drop your grinded weed, when you can store it in your awesome grinder?

We got a few questions about which grinder to use when vaping, so we decided to a small top with only the best. On most of these grinders, we did more detailed reviews so make sure to check them out.

1. Santa Cruz Shredder Review

Large Santa Cruz Shredder
Large Santa Cruz Shredder

The Santa Cruz is our top pick because it was designed as a medical marijuana grinder thus making it one of the best; you can read in-depth reviews about the Santa Cruz Shredder and decide for yourself.

Because it’s made from high-end aircraft aluminum and washed with sound waves, you must be sure that the output product is awesome.

This cannabis shredder also has an amazing steel mesh that catches only the purest kief, thus making it more potent even though you won’t get the same quantity.

The teeth have a special shape and interlock almost perfect, because of this it can grind even the stickiest buds.

2. Space Case Grinder Review

Medium Space Case Black
Medium Space Case Black

The Space Case Grinder is another great example of awesome grinders for vapor it usage because it’s made from long lasting materials. On top of that it can grinder sticky buds life a hot knife thru butter thus making it our second choice that you need to consider.

Talking about cool marijuana grinders; the design is clean, you can put some graphics on it or even better engrave it making it the best choice for custom grinders.

Because it is a four piece metal cannabis grinder, you can collect kief with it, and its quality will be top notch. The teeth are specially designed for long usage so don’t worry that you will need to change it regularly because you don’t do it.

3. Zeus Bolt Grinder Review

Zeus Bolt Herb Grinder
Zeus Bolt Herb Grinder

I like the way it looks and the fact that ti has four pieces makes it an awesome addition to our list, we do a detailed review of because it worths it. The fact that it has a plastic cover that seals its air tight thus making your herb stay fresh much longer.

Aircraft Grade Anodized Aluminum is the chosen material for this beauty; however the teeth are sharp than any competitors, and this is a bold move from them.

The size makes it both a home grinder but also a portable one which is nice considering the fact that some of them are one or the other.

From all the things above we think that the Zeus Bolt Grinder is a cool one that is worth checking out because it won’t disappoint you, they are made with love in Toronto Canada.

We like the new Zeus Grinders and think that they are a great addition to the market. Also, the price is good for the quality they provide. When in the market for a new grinder for vaporizer make sure to buy a quality one rather than spend money on a cheap herb shredder that can’t be used correctly for vaporizers.

smoking vs vaporizing infographic
smoking vs vaporizing infographic

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