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Black Leaf Grinder Review

Because medical marijuana becomes more and more popular, there is a gap to fill. You can’t enjoy your favorite weed flavour on vaporizers if you don’t own a good herb grinder. This is where brand like Black Leaf come in, with state of the art products that transforms the tedious job or preparing a bowl into a blast.

Black Leaf 4 Piece Weed Grinder
Black Leaf 4 Piece Weed Grinder

You’ve probably done this before, but it’s good to say it again, you have to read a few pot grinder reviews in order to select the best one. Your best weed grinder won’t be the same to the next guy because we all have different tastes and budgets.

Considering the fact that most of the grinders featured on BestGrinderHQ were high end, we want to keep it that way but we also want to support new brands. Brands like the Black Leaf that are originally from Germany, even though these will take awhile to get to you, we know that they deal only with quality materials.

Black Leaf Grinder Standard
Black Leaf Grinder Standard

What makes this grinder unique?

Well, nothing if we are looking at the material since all of the quality metal weed grinders are made from CNC aluminium. They are based in Germany, and that says a lot in my opinion and I think that from all the grinders that are made outside of the USA they are the best.

Similar to our Santa Cruz review, here too we find a diamond shaped teeth, this clearly means that they do work. The important thing to mention here is that every piece of these grinders are tested so that they can grind perfectly for longer periods of time. I don’t know how long it will last but since they are quite affordable, you can’t go wrong with a Black Leaf Grinder.

Only four piece grinder?

No, they also make two piece weed grinders but that I can’t recommend. If you want to smoke using a vaporizer, you will need a four piece grinder.

More models

I love the fact that the Black Leaf is putting accent on diversifying their portfolio and we have three models and a lot of colors to choose from. We won’t count their acrylic pot grinders because I hate them. They also make a few “custom” weed grinders that have some nicer graphics on them.

Black Leaf Grinder StandardWith Logo

The brushed exterior looks great, and they did spend some time on these details to make it look this good. As you can see from the image, they look good, and I must say that all of the work as advertised (awesome).

Black Leaf Weed Grinder Transparent TopTransparent Top

I like my grinders made only from aluminium, but here we find a small piece of acrylic designed only for looks. Well, you can say that it has a functional cause behind it, as that is to see your weed as it is grinded, but why would you. I like surprises and don’t recommend this model.

Black Leaf Grinder TargetTarget

Well, the target model has s nicer look and fell and I this is one of the best looking grinders out there. Mad finish, with the top and bottom having small indentations that are soft on the hand and easy to use.

Black Leaf Grinder Hand CrankCrank

I don’t like grinder that have a hand crank because I don’t see it’s point. You can easily do without it.

Black Leaf Grinder Ripple GoldRipples

Well, yeah this also looks awesome; those ripples make an excellent finish.


Doest this grinder perform well?

Yes, it does, and it will for a long time, I like the fact that each piece has a nylon gasket which ensure almost a vacuum seal. Thus making your weed stay fresh for a longer period.

Would you buy one?

Yes, I would; I have one right here working on a bowl right now.

Cost performance ratio?

Excellent, considering the fact that it’s a middle product (price wise) I highly recommend it for every user.

Closing thoughts

Because of the Black Leaf’s small price, well not exactly small, I would place it under the Space CaseĀ Grinder as a performer, but I don’t like the fact that the company also makes acrylic grinders. I know that these two have nothing in common, but I think that it’s a waste of time and resources to make something that cheap.

I like the end product and the fact that you have a lot of models to choose from, you won’t find the same size diversity like with the other weed shredders.

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