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Juicing with herb offers healthy benefits

cannabis juicingWe’ve all heard of the magical properties of hemp oil by now, courtesy of Rick Simpson, but there’s another school of healing thought that finds raw cannabis juice to have slightly different (but equally valuable) medicinal properties. Note, though, that raw cannabis is non-psychoactive: THCA is the acid form found in fresh, raw flowers and fan leaves, but it needs to be decarboxylated or heated to yield our psychoactive friend THC.

Weed juice contains überconcentrated amounts of cannabinoids and terpenes, all  shown to have therapeutic  value. As with hemp oil, there’s  a patron saint behind the juicing movement—Dr. William  Courtney, who co-founded the Cannabis International Foundation with Kristen Peskuski,  who has an amazing story of  recovery.

Using the juice daily,  she went from a life spent in  bed sick with systemic lupus,  rheumatoid arthritis, endometriosis and numerous other  conditions to a healthy life of  remission.

Dr. Courtney and Peskuski suggest adding a small amount of organic fruits and veggies to the mix in order to cut back on the extreme green taste—they have their own healing properties, and when it comes to medicinal use, the more vitamins and nutrients, the better.


Cannabis juicing is a mean green healing machine


15 fresh, pesticide-free fan leaves

2 fresh buds, two to four inches in length and well into flower, but harvested while the glands are still milky or clear

Optional additions:

1 cube fresh ginger

Kale leaves

2 to 4 large, hard carrots

Fresh-squeezed orange juice

Fresh-squeezed lemon juice

Fresh berries

1 apple

De-stem and soak the fan leaves in cold water for five minutes before juicing. A wheatgrass juicer is recommended if you’re just doing a big batch of leaves, but a blender or juicer will work as well. Blend or juice the fan leaves first, then blend the bud. Sieve out the plant matter and run it through one more time for maximum juice yield.

Prepare the rest of the fruits and veggies by chopping the carrots, ripping the kale leaves and coring the apple. Juice them as well, stirring the end product into the thick, green cannabis juice. Citrus can be hand-squeezed and simply stirred in as well.

THCA is absorbed quickly and goes to work fast, so it’s recommended that you make this juice last throughout the day. You should be able to divide it into five servings. If you make it in bulk, be sure to freeze the extra juice immediately and then drink it as soon as it thaws.

Freshness is key to this antioxidant-laden, cancer-killing, immune-systemboosting concoction that’s all the buzz in the medical world, and perhaps even better than a buzz when in need. This pure green super-liquid has changed  lives for the better, allowing its users to give up everything  from addictive pain pills to harsh anti-inflammatory meds and beyond. Heals 1.

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