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Cool, Custom and Unique Herb Grinders

Owing a custom made grinder is awesome as everybody will want one, and you can feel like owning a new Rolex when you pull your new cool grinder out of your pocket. But are they really good because, we know that if they look awesome they will probably won’t do its job properly.

If you own a nice chrome finish weed grinder like the Space Case or the Santa Cruz Shredder, we know that they word great, you can read our reviews, but that design is overused.

Good News Everyone

Good news, like the guys above, said, because you can easily make it your own with some nice graphics that can be glued in. This being the cheapest method. If you want to go crazy, you can go to a metal shop and ask the guys there to engrave your message on it. This is the best way, but the most expensive because I’m sure that the job will cost more than the $70 you’ve spent on your awesome grinder.

If you want more style you can get a wooden weed grinder and engrave it, this will make an awesome piece than anybody will want to borrow and never return so be careful.

They will look and work better than any other custom grinder out there and you can make it yours with a name, message or any other thing that you can imagine.

I’ve seen some ready made custom weed grinder, well not exactly custom made, but they are made from low grade stainless steel with some paint that will peel off with the fist bump that it you get. Besides the fact that they cost $20 they are 2 piece one that won’t shred anything, but your nerves when you will try to roll a joint (check out our cheap MMJ grinder list).

Let’s see some interesting grinder designs that we gathered from the web

1. Beer Can

4 Piece Cool Beer Can Herb Grinder
Awesome Custom Cannabis Shredder

I have to say that it look great, and I would buy one, but I must say that the quality will be less than average. But if you want to show off to your friends with your new custom weed grinder, be my guest and buy one. Make sure to send an email and tell me if it’s worth it so that we can share it with the world. Those six teeth look no good, from my experience, this won’t grind that much but then again we haven’t tried one before.

2. Poison Styled

Toxic Metal Barrel Hemp Shredder
Toxic Metal Barrel Hemp Shredder

Another coolish grinder that looks decent, but surely enough it won’t do it’s designed job.

3. Skull

Personalized Skull Marijuana Grinder
Skull Custom Made Grinder

It looks ok, and we saw quite a few of them on the market, not that impressive, and the quality is low grade, but they look decent for this list.

4. Grenade

Hand Grenade Cannabis Grinder
Grenade Grinders, Cool Isn’t It

Same as above, look decent, can’t see the teeth so we have to consider that it won’t be better than any $3 piece that you can get from any gas station.

5. Key Chain

Keychain 2 Part Grinder 30mm
30mm Cool Keychain MMJ Shredder

I own one, just in case I forget my Space Case Grinder (my main grinding unit) somewhere, and I want to light a blunt. It’s practical and most importantly portable, isn’t special at grinding but if you turn it more than a few time you can get your herb at a decent dimension.

6. Silver Dollar

4.3 cm 3PC WEED Grinder
Silver Dollar 3 pc Grinder

Let’s be honest it looks awesome and with the size of just just 4.3 cm (1.6 inches) it’s portable and surprisingly enough it has three pieces. What that means is that you will have a kief catcher which I thought that I would be impossible since most of all cool cannabis grinders are meant to look good not to work great.

7. Girly Herb Grinder

Glam Cannabis Custom Shredder
Glam Cannabis Custom Piece

I’m sure that there are a lot of girls that smoke pot and we wanted to show some style in this post. We can’t say much about it, but we are sure that this piece is decent for any two piece grinders, not compared to top rated grinders like Santa Cruz and others.

8. Revolver Cylinder

Revolver Cylinder Cannabis Grinder
Modern Day Cowboy Shoot Smoke

Check it out, it has three piece and looks good what more can you ask for from it. Well, you have to take a closer look at the teeth that from the looks of it that can’t do a proper job. We saw one like this which was a pipe and grinder and in 5 seconds you could take a hit.

9. Smoking Kit

Custom Grinder And Container
Cool Grinder and Container The Perfect Disguise

We can’t find a better name for this thing because it look good and has all the necessary functions. The container is discreet and nobody will think twice that you carry weed on you. The weed shredder looks more than decent, and we think that it’s made from aluminium, even thou it’s a three piece shredder it has a kief chamber which is awesome. You will also get a grinded weed container for storage. In that big can, you can store all these things which make it awesome. One of the guys wants this for Christmas.

10. Pie de Résistance

Awesome Stark Trek Herb Grinder
The Cherry On Top, Incredible Herb Shredder

We wanted to save the coolest for the end. We are Star Wars fans and look at this Death Star doesn’t it appear awesome? For us, it sure does even though it won’t grind anything I will buy one for myself just to put in somewhere.

If you’ve encountered other cool herb grinders or custom weed grinder, let us know we will update our posts.

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