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Electric Weed Grinders, Are They Worth It ?

Grinding your herb is a critical process, and I hate cutting corners here because on this process my smoking session depends on. I don’t want a bulky joint that can’t be lit up or extinguish itself while in the ashtray for a few seconds. Because of this I always carry a weed grinder on one and that grinder is usually the best one.

are electric grinders worth it
Check out and see if the electric grinders are worth it

I don’t like electric grinders; most notable reason is that they break down fairly easy, and you can’t fix them, just buy a new one and wait one week before you get it.


To express my feeling about electric grinders, I have a cool story for you.


Medium Space Case Black
Medium Space Case Black

One time at a party, one dude gets his brand new electric pot grinder out of his backpack to show off, even though one costs ~$15, so my Space Case grinder costs more than it. Anyway he wanted to test it and said that he could get more out of the same quantity of weed than me with my Space Case, but another guy, that lives in the stone age, argued that he can easily outtake us using scissors.

The game was one. The electric grinder finished first in 2-3 seconds, I like to give it a few swings before opening my grinder so I can close second. I’m not going to mention the scissors guys because it’s irrelevant from now one since he finished dead last.

After opening both grinders and pouring all of their content on some pieces of paper (this is the only way to get your weed out of an electric grinder) to see the quantities I was declared the winner because I had the best grinder for vaporizers. That’s right you won’t be able to use that kind of weed shredder for vaporizers.

I had to show them something; the secret compartment on my four piece cannabis grinder, yeah the kief chamber. Most of the guys there never heard of kief so I told them to look it up to know more about it. While doing that I started packing a vapor shot on a Vulcano and sprinkled a bit of kief on top.

After vaping, grinding a few more rounds on my top rated metal herb grinder, the guy with the scissors finished up and started rolling a joint. I gave him a bit of kief to soften the blow a bit. After this moment, he asked my opinion of a few other grinders, and I had to tell him about my website where he can find more pot grinder reviews and why maybe buy the best one.


Time for the moral of the story.


Don’t try to rush this and don’t be lazy! You can’t rush a process that can have consequences later one, do it on the first try.

Electric weed grinders are not worth it; this, of course, is my opinion, even though I’ve seen a few with kief chambers. Also, they break very easy, and you can’t fix them you will have to buy a new one, which is kind of sad if it breaks down when you need it the most.

I would still go with the “old fashion” aluminum grinder that will last 10+ years (Santa Cruz Shredder has a ten-year warranty), but this again is my opinion.

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