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Herb grinder a must have tool

The first thing that come in mind is that using grinder the whole process of smoking is easier and more enjoyable. I don’t like using scissors; I’ve done this in the past and the process of making a joint was taking way too long. Even with the stickiest buds you will get the perfect form for joints, blunts, bowls and way better a vaporizer.

The investment may appear somehow not worth it, but let me tell you that you are missing on something awesome, kief, read more about kief, and you will see what it is. Once you save enough kief in your four piece grinder you can make more potent things like hash oil, learn how to do that.

Grinders Make Kief

how can you make kief with your herb grinder
Grinder herb using a metal MMJ grinder


The biggest reason, for me, is that by using herb grinders I can make kief even though I don’t smoke a ton of weed every day. I enjoy sprinkling a bit on my joints or bowls. Kief is stronger because it contains all the pollen crystals making a concentrate of THC. Remember you will have to use a 3 or 4 piece grinder, learn how to use them more effectively.

Grinders Can Save Money

Grinders Can Save Money
Grinders Can Save You Money

By simply making your weed more potent, you will be using less, and you will get the same effect if better, effects. If you are using blunts or joints, you will inhale less smoke making your lungs easier to inhale.

Store Your Weed

Store Your Weed in a grinder
Store Your Weed in a grinder

You can carry your weed with you easier since any grinder can act like a storage unit; the problem is that it’s not a seal, and you will smell a bit.

Time Saving

By using a grinder, you can have your herb ready for you in a few seconds, making the whole experience nicer since you are using 1/4 to 1/2 of the time compared to other manual methods.

From my experience, I encourage every smoker to get one and see the difference, if you are using a vape so how you smoke experience can change fast. I make a list with the best grinders that are available on the market know and wait for your comments.

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