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Herb Grinder Accessories List

Royale Herb Grinder
Royale Herb Grinder

I have to say that these accessories are not mandatory in any way, but they will provide additional support with different tasks. We will cover all the major weed grinder accessories from cleaning supplies to tweezers.

We have reviewed a few cool weed grinders that will make you the guru in grinders, don’t trust me ? Read the article.

Weed Grinder Accessories

Cleaner Tools

Having a clean herb grinder is not only recommended but it’s mandatory. If the first chamber is dirty and has cannabis stuck between its teeth, you won’t be able to grind correctly. However, if you keep your unit clean, you won’t have problems with it getting stuck. I had one a long time ago that I had to throw away because I couldn’t get my weed out and had to smash it with a hammer, lucky it was a cheap gas station grinder.

Now, you have a few way to clean your grinder effectively.



I’ve heard a few people that they put it in the dishwasher, and it gets clean. I see a big problem here, and that is that you get all that soap on it. Did you ever eat soap? I know I didn’t, and I most certainly don’t want to smoke some with my weed.

If you did this kind of think, please stop it and read the article because I will mention a way to get rid of all those chemicals easily and for cheap.

This method will also make you lose all that hard earned kief, which is sad.

Isopropyl alcohol for weed grinder cleaning
Isopropyl alcohol for MMJ grinder cleaning


This cleaning method is by far the best and safest way to clean your grinder and not fear any chemicals will touch your weed. I’ve written an in-depth article on how to clean your cannabis grinder, read it, but for the sake of argument I will some of the things needed here also.

Isopropyl alcohol, is 99% alcohol and it’s not toxic one it evaporates, and it does that pretty fast, you can accelerate the evaporation using a hair dryer. You will also need a zip lock bag in which you will pour a bit of alcohol and then put your grinder inside. Shake it a bit until the liquid turns green, you then have to put that liquid into a Pyrex Dish and let is sit. That’s it, quick, simple and effective.

Czech Pipe Tool

Czech Pipe Too -with Piece Legend
Czech Pipe Tool Swiss Army Knife

This tool is a must have for any smoker, not only that it cleans any pipe you can easily clean and collect the THC dust from your grinder.

I remember when I said that most of these tools are not mandatory, but this one is highly recommended, you can buy you’re own from amazon.

  • The Tamper is a blunt piece of metal that is similar to the top of a nail and it’s used to press down on the cannabis while the bowl is getting packed or for crushing the ash for easier relighting.
  • The poker (aka spike) is a sharp and narrow rod or pin that can be used to aerate tightly packed cannabis or to clear shank of debris. Don’t use it on your steel mesh or glass.
  • The reamer is a flat instrument that assembles a flattened spoon can be used to scrape ash, unburned cannabis or to collect your kief for the bottom chamber or the grinder.

This tool is like a swiss army knife for smokers, don’t trust me? Read more about it. Besides the main purpose (cleaning your pipe) you can use it for a lot of things, I like a multi-usage tool that I can rely upon.


While storing your weed, you will learn about a lot of methods be we will list a few of the most effective ways to do it. If you want to learn other cool ways, read my ultimate weed storage guide.

jars of marijuana
Jars With Cannabis


Not the most effective way, but it works if you have a bunch of strains that you want to store. I don’t recommend grinding and the storing in a glass jar, unless it has a rubber seal, that will prevent air to come in and dry it.

MMJ in Zip-Lock bags
Weed in Zip-Lock bags

Oven Bags (Turkey Bags)

Yes, you heard it right; the term Turkey Bags is synonym with cannabis storing, accordingly to the Urban Dictionary. This method is one of the best at keeping your herbs from drying same as it does the same thing to meat while in the oven. Make sure not to ties the oven bag too tight so that you can reuse it over and again.

Sectionable Paper Towels
Paper Towels

Paper towels

I know that I can’t live without them, and I’m talking about its MMJ implications. Let’s think about it for a second, you started to grind a batch and want to roll a joint or a blunt, do you want to drop weed all over the place? Get one of those towels and roll like a boss.

Weed grinder lubricant

olive oil as weed grinder lubricant
olive oil used for weed grinder lubricantion

I know that it sometimes sucks when you have an older weed grinder, and it gets stuck and you can’t open it. I know because I’ve been there, one of the main reasons I’ve started the Best Grinder HQ was to help people overcome these obstacles. What better-weed grinder lubricant do you everybody has in their kitchens than olive oil.

Pour some on your finger or use an ear sticks and go round the grinder’s edges. Don’t worry it won’t affect the quality of the weed because it won’t touch it.

The list will be constantly updated, if you think that I’ve missed something, comment below or use the contact form. I want to make the ultimate resource for anybody that wants to buy an weed grinder.

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