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How not to get scammed buying a pot grinder

I want to address the pressing issue that came into mind after reading some forums about weed grinders. Like any other product out there, there will be fakes. Because the top of the line model from Space Case grinder costs almost $90 (depending on the deal), there will be knockoffs.

I want to make a small list with some places where you can be sure that you won’t get cheated by scammers. Nobody will tell you that they sell fake products because you won’t buy it on top of this it’s illegal to do so. It’s also illegal to false advertise a knockoff product, but you can get with it online.

weed grinders scam
weed grinders scam

Make sure to buy your herb grinder from certified places. If you can go to a weed shop and test it and make sure that the material is aluminium, in case you want something good.

If you acquire one from a shop make sure that the logo is engraved properly, and you don’t see and defects there. This won’t apply for online shopping because they will most certainly show a good image. Also check the material, your grinder will have a magnet on it, try to lift a piece of your 4 piece pot grinder.

Make sure that your product doesn’t have any chipped parts, and the inside is clean. This aspect is rather important especially for the Santa Cruz Shredder which shouldn’t get dirty since it’s coated and treated to prevent this. Take a close attention to the teeth not to miss any.

Buying a cannabis grinder online will be tricky, but I will show you a small thing that differentiate the sellers.

  • I would buy one only from amazon because it’s easier to notice if it’s a scammer or not. Ebay also works, but I don’t like their shipping compared to Amazon.
  • If you want to buy it from the makers website give them a call first, they must have a number somewhere on their website. After that small chat, you will see if they are legit or not.
space case grinder scam protection
Amazon Scam Protection – Space Case Grinder
  • If you are on amazon make sure that their username matches the brand, as in this case Space Case Grinders.
  • Check their reviews, if there are none, don’t buy. I hate being the first one testing things.

Following these simple steps will help you along the way, and you won’t be a victim. Thus having the chance of using your grinder for vaporizers, buds and what not.

If you don’t know which product is for you, check out the herb grinder buyer’s guide in which you will see all the main aspects that need attention. I won’t go into details here, check it out and why not, send some feedback to add some things.


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