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How to use a weed grinder

4 Piece Grinder Part Numbers
4 Piece Grinder Part Numbers

Weed grinders are fairly easy to use, but I’ll share a few tips with you to improve your kief output, these tips are for three and four chamber grinders. Grinders that have two chambers are great while you travel since they are smaller and easier to use, but you won’t be able to collect kief with them.

Step 1

Remove the lid of the top part (part #1) and place the buds on the grinding teeth (part #2), make sure that you placed it in between the center and the edge. Placing your bud dead center tends to not work good, the grinding process won’t be complete. Don’t fill the whole thing with weed because it has to shake around so fill it up to 3/4.

Step 2

Now we start grinding by rotating the lid (part #1), you will have to do this approximately 4-5 times in each direction, look inside and see if the bud is gone. The space should be empty since your marijuana dropped into the next chamber. Don’t worry if you still see some debris, a few more turns and done.

Step 3

Give the grinder a few sideways shakes to even out the grinded buds, this process will help you collect your kief.

Tip. Insert a coin in the kief catcher (bottom chamber), you will get more with this simple trick.

Step 4

Unscrew the main chamber (part # 2), and now you can enjoy your perfectly grounded weed.

Step 5

Collect your kief from the bottom most chamber (kief catcher) (part # 4) by unscrewing the kief screener, make sure to do this after a few usage. Kief is hard to make, but it’s all worth it, so if you are still using a two piece grinder you will regret it.

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