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How to clean a metal weed grinder ?

Cleaning your grinder isn’t that hard and doesn’t require much work and it’s only recommended to do it once every six months or so. We will list two basic cleaning guides to help ease your work. This method applies to all 4 piece metal grinders and some acrylic ones which are not recommended.

Marijuana Grinder With Weed
Marijuana Grinder With Weed

Quick and Fast Method:

This method was listed in the kief tricks tutorial listed here. You want to get all that dust and particles off your grinder and into the kief catcher. The easiest way to do so is to put your grinder in the freezer for about 1 hour. I know that this sounds crazy, but those particles (trichomes) will bind together and won’t be sticky anymore.

Once the grinder is off from the freezer, you have to hit it on a hard surface in an upright position, this makes the kief fell down into its chamber. Using a brush or a spoon (Santa Cruz Grinder comes with one) collect all that precious kief and store it in a jar for later. Just be careful how you smoke that kief because it contains pure THC making it the most potent part of any bud.

The Full Clean:

This method involves getting almost 99% of all the kief from your grinder, in order to achieve this you will need to use isopropyl alcohol. Don’t worry about it because it isn’t toxic, you will have to let it evaporate and then you can enjoy your kief dust or make some hash.

How can you do it?

Well, you will need a zip lock bag, some isopropyl alcohol, parchment paper and your grinder. First separate your grinder into it’s 4 pieces (3 chambers) and put them into a zip lock bag. Next its time for the alcohol, pour some into the bag, make sure, not to put too much because it will reduce the THC concentration.

Pour just a little alcohol and then remove all the air from the bag (with your mouth), don’t vacuum seal it, we need a bit of air in there. Now shake the bag vigorously until you see that the liquid changed colour to a green-gold one. Don’t let it soak too much either because some of the THC concentration will be lost.

small Pyrex dish for herb grinder cleaning
Small Pyrex Dish

Now remove the grinder from the bag and pour all its liquid into a Pyrex dish. Don’t use ceramics ones because you will get some ships in your produce when you start scraping the bottom. Now it’s time to wait until the alcohol evaporates.

PRO Tip: Get a hairdryer and point it directly to the dish to speed up the process.

You will have to scrape the dish using a razor blade and place all that dust on the parchment paper. If you want to make hash, fold the paper, place it in a book and put some weight on it (you can stand on it) for a few minutes.

Herb Grinders Make The Best Kief
Herb Grinders Make The Best Kief


Now you have a nice clean grinder that it’s ready for more pot grinding, and you got yourself a lot of kief (hopefully) that can be used later. If you have, any questions don’t hesitate and contact us.


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