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Space Case Grinder Review

Herb grinders are used by people who want to grind up herb material fast and easy. This is probably the reason why most herb grinders look similar. But, although they look similar they don’t provide the same quality of grinding. In order to find out which grinder is good or not, you will have to take a look under the hood.

Space Case Grinder Review
Space Case Grinder Review

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you need to buy a grinder and disassemble it – it means that you need to find and read herb grinder reviews. The more weed grinders reviews you read, the better. This review is dedicated to one of the best herb grinder models currently available on the market – Space Case Grinder.

This space case grinder review will provide some basic information about the features of this grinder and the way it works.

Space Case Grinder Size Chart

I have to say that all the different sizes work the same, and they will make that perfect grinded herb each time you will use it. Because not all of us have the same space to store it and travel with I wanted to snow you a few more sizes.

Space Case used these metrics for their size chart, but what does that mean? How large is the large version, what about the small one? Let’s find out together.

Type Size Diameter Tall
2 pcs Small 2 inch (5 cm) 1 inch (2.5 cm)
4 pcs Small 2 inch (5 cm) 1,75 inch (4.4 cm)
2 pcs Medium 2.5 inch (6.35 cm) 1 inch (2.5 cm)
4 pcs Medium 2 inch (6.35 cm) 2 inch (5 cm)
2 pcs Large 3.25 inch (8.2 cm) 1.25 inch (3.17 cm)
4 pcs Large 3.5 inch (8.89 cm) 2.7 inch (7 cm)

Only 4 Piece Models?

Well no, of course not, Space Case also makes 2 piece grinders although don’t know why would you get one. Both types maintain the same quality but don’t offer the same feature, kief catcher, which worth a few extra dollars.

Models Available

Space Case Makes a few different models all of which have the same quality standard, their top of the line model is the Titanium version.


The Scout line is the low-end line of the Space Case grinders, don’t you think that this actually is a low-end product because it isn’t. Made from CNC aircraft aluminium, you will have the same quality as the others the same diamond shape teeth quality.


It’s also made from CNC aluminium and has the same teeth; the only difference is the exterior, this one has a nicer look. As you can clearly see from the image, the exterior is polished having a nicer touch.


This is where thing get real interesting because even though it’s made from the same aircraft aluminium, this one is coated with anodized titanium. This means that we are talking about top of the line products. The exterior has a nice titanium look and feels, the interior because of the anodized process is a non-stick surface that will make the cleaning process a breeze.

Buyer Review

All I can say is that buying this grinder is like buying my first iPhone, I am never going to settle for another type of grinder!

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What makes this grinder unique?

Space Case Grinder In-Depth Details
Space Case Grinder In-Depth Details

One of the first things, you will notice when you start using this grinder is how easy it is to grind the herbs. Even if they are very dry, you can easily go through the process. The main reason behind this is a special material used in the O-rings. The grinding motion is so flawless that even people suffering from hand problems and arthritis can use it without much effort and without anyone’s help.

This is one of the reasons why you will find so many comments on the internet saying that this is the best marijuana grinder. Every part of this grinder is functioning smoothly, and the situation is the same even after you use it for several times. It is probably a good idea to clean some of the parts where small pieces of herbs can be found.

The threads can clog if they are not cleaned every once in a while. This model also comes with a high-quality scraper that can be used to gather kief once the grinding is finished. By the look of the scraper, you can tell that it was built to last. These are some of the things that put this model on the top of the metal herb grinder list.

The All-New Space Grinder for an All-New Vaporizing Experience

The latest product from the Solid Eye manufacturing group has a solid magnet. The magnet is eventually located within the primary grinding called the Space cell. This cell is enclosed by the space case. The charm about the latest product is that when you crush your herb, the finely ground herb falls through the mesh at the bottom.

For about a moment later, expect more particles gathering in the compartment at the bottom of the Space cell. For those who are looking for reliable marijuana grinder, the Space Case Grinder can be purchased online.

Pros of this grinder

  • Standard design and dimensions
  • It allows excellent grinding motion suitable even for arthritis patients
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Made of durable materials
  • Efficient and durable scraper

Cons of this grinder

  • The price is relatively high

It is obvious that there is a good reason why this grinder is often mentioned as the best marijuana grinder. Judging by the materials used in its production and the features that it has, this grinder can last for years without any problems. If you decide to choose this grinder, you can be sure that you have one of the best pot grinder models at the moment.

How Does Space Case Grinder work?

This grinder comes in two versions – two piece grinder and four piece grinder. So, choose the version that suits your needs the best. The way this grinder works is standard – there is a chamber, there is a screen and all you need to do is grind the marijuana. Even beginners can figure out how to use this grinder in a matter of minutes.

Quality can’t be bargained at any given expense. In this manner, cash does not make a difference, especially when one opts for its genuine worth. What is worthy to note is that the particular grinder is lavished with multi-faceted features that include its well sharpened cutting finishes, its demanding size micron net stainless steel screen and its super-power vaporizer tube.

It additionally has restrictive potholed configuration with the support of a genuine aluminum material layout.

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