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The ultimate cool weed accessories list to improve your high

We all want new and cool weed accessories to impress our friends don’t we? I think that a better statement is that you need cool stuff to make your life more enjoyable and easier. We live in a world that moves ten times faster than it used to 20 years ago and we, sometimes forget to enjoy life. I wanted to make a list with some cool weed accessories that will make just that; your life more awesome.

Best Weed Accessories
Best Weed Accessories

I also listed just one weed grinder because that’s mandatory for every smoker if you don’t agree comment below to let me know how you grinder your weed, maybe you are using something new.

While doing my research, I fund a lot of weird things about this subject and will create a post for it but also a lot of nonsense. I want to make myself clear from the start, some things are not practical at all, but they are cool. At least, in my view if you don’t agree please use the contact form and send me an email.

What is a cool marijuana accessory?

First of all it must be somehow unique, and not all people should have one and then it must have a purpose. I know that it’s confusing but let’s start our list and see where we get.

A new type of entrepreneurs just came up and they are called ganjapreneurs and their target is to bank hard from the cannabis mania. They will make a lot of accessories that most of them will be useless because everyone wants to take part make money with the new “green rush”. Same as the .COM mania, hopefully, this time they won’t go super crazy about it and make just the necessary things.

Cool weed accessories list

Let’s start our list with some of the best weed accessories that can be found online. Make sure to check the authenticity of the products before you buy them.

1. Royght – The Stealth Bong


Royght - Stealth Bong
Royght – Stealth Bong

Royght is an accessory that transforms any cup into a water pipe. You can use any cup from restaurants, in our image it’s shown a Starbucks venti cup. The price is featured to be $19.95, but the company needs an additional $80,000 to make this happen. They currently had four prototypes, and they were hoping for lucky number 5. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything about the project but the idea is interesting.

2. Cool Weed Grinder

Black Leaf 4 Piece Weed Grinder
Cool Weed Grinder

If you want to grinder your MMJ with style, you need to have a somehow cool cannabis grinder or at least a unique one. We made a list with some of the craziest model available right now. If the style is what you’re after then get a wooden herb grinder, nothing says style more than this.

3. BIC Lighter Stash Spot

BIC Lighter With Herb Stash Spot
BIC Lighter With Stash Spot

This small gadget that’s available at $11.25 will help you hide anything you want inside of it. Be careful not to lose it or get it back if someone borrows it. We all know that BIC lighter are some of the most stolen objects, don’t we?

4. Digital Scale

Ozeri Digital Weed Scale
Ozeri Digital Herb Scale

I’ve seen other digital scales that are made to look like everyday objects, but we have the weight to be correct, right? That’s way I want to show you the Ozeri Digital scale; this stunning gadget can correctly weight anything from 0.1 ounces to 11 pounds, quite useful.

5. Belt Buckle Pipe

The Belt Buckle Pipe
The Belt Buckle Pipe

Another ganjapreneur started a company that’s based in Cleveland and targets a 200 million dollars market. The Buckle Puffer is a stainless steel pipe that is disguised into a buckle. I have to say that this device looks good don’t know how practical it is though.

6. Smokeless Ashtray

Smokeless Ashtray Cool Weed Gadget
Smokeless Ashtray Cool Weed Gadget

This gadget will help you neutralize all the second-hand smoke by sucking it and then using a filtration system that will clean it. This is an awesome gadget that works using either batteries or a wall socket; you can buy this from Amazon for just $49.95.

7. Bud Bomb

Bud Bomb Pipe
Bud Bomb Pipe

The Bud Bomb is a pipe that has a cooling matrix which cools the smoke when it reaches your mouth. You can put in the freezer for an even cooler feeling, good for those hot summer nights.

8. Proto Pipe

Proto Pipe cool accessory
Proto Pipe

This gadget is a “vintage” brass pipe; I call it vintage because there are just a few of these on the market right now. There were replaced by modern pipes, but this shows a lot of styles.

9. Zig Zag Rolling Machine

Zig Zag Rolling Machine
Zig Zag Rolling Machine

This small, but smart, gadget can be included, and it will, in a weed smoker starters kit. When you’re just starting out, and you smoke joints it’s hard to master the rolling technique, and this will help you roll a perfect joint each time.

10. Roor bong

Roor bongs
Roor bongs

You know a good bong when you see one and I hope that you know about the bongs that Roor makes. These things are close to art, and you know that you will get super baked with this awesome piece.

11. Zippo Lighter

Zippo Lighter
Zippo Lighter

You need a great lighter for your blunts, and none is better than Zippo. I can’t say much more about them because we all know how good they are.

12. RAW rolling paper with filters

Raw Papers and Filters
Raw Papers and Filters

RAW sets the standard when it come to rolling papers; you can’t find a better one. If you haven’t tried them, please do and make sure to get some filters too.

13. G-Pen

G-Pen Vaporizer
G-Pen Vaporizer

You have to try some wax with the cool portable G-Pen. Don’t get fooled by replicas that try to sell the name, get the product. You will have a whole new experience with the G-Pen.

14. A reliable delivery service

Weed Man Kit
Reliable Weed Man

Even though delivery prices are inflated, I think it’s worth the extra price if you don’t have anything left to smoke. Some guys might have edibles too so check with them. I bet these type of service is better than waiting for your weed guy 40 minutes in cold weather.

15. Volcano Vaporizer

Volcano Vaporizer Classic
Volcano Vaporizer Classic

You haven’t smoked weed until you’ve tried a volcano vapor. You will have to prep your weed beforehand using a four piece herb grinder, but the experience is ultimate. You will get the best smoke in your life with just a dime of weed by getting a balloon filled with pure THC smoke.

16. A Safe Keeping Jar

Safe Keeping Weed jar
Safe Keeping Weed jar

By using a jar, you will store your weed fresh for a longer period. Most jar can do the trick, but make sure that have a rubber gasket that won’t let air in. This will also help mask the smell.

This was our list for some cool weed accessories that will make your life easier and your smoking experience more intense. If you want to add point pointers, comment below and we will keep in contact. I hope that you enjoyed my search to find the best weed accessory.

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