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Weed Grinder Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

I saw that there is a lot of confusion regarding cannabis grinders so we thought that it would be a great idea to create the ultimate buyers guide when it comes to grinders and all the things that come with them. My main concerns are about quality and teeth, these things make or break them.


2000px-StarSpangledBannerFlag.svgWhen it comes to quality we don’t want to take any shortcuts because then we will get a standard shredder that won’t do it’s job properly. We want something that will last years even thought we will be using it on a daily basis. The grinder must be made in the good old USA, because we know that the companies are better regulated than, let’s say, China and no company wants bad press.


aluminium cannabis grinder
aluminium cannabis grinder

Our material of choise is Aluminium, but we can manage with a stainless steel grinder. We don’t want any iron that will rust and contaminate our herb ! Some high end grinders. like the Space Case ( read our review here ), can be made from Aluminium and coated with Titanium. In this combination we know that even if we spend like $70 for one, we will keep using the same thing for over 10 years ( 10 years warranty ). This means that any acrylic based grinder will decompose by the time we are ready  to throw ours out.


mmj gridner side view
mmj gridner side view

The looks aren’t that important unless you want a stylish wooden grinder for your weed, with that one you can customize it as you desire, we will review some of them pretty soon. We are looking at the grip so this must be comfortable when we hold it and easy to twist we we start grinding our herb. We can take a look at some grinder reviews that we did and even select one that has a window on top so we can see the whole process.


Santa Cruz Shredder Teeth Overview
Santa Cruz Shredder Teeth Overview

The teeth are the most important things on any grinder, because they do all the work and they must be sharp all the time without any effort on our part. We loved the teeth that come with the Santa Cruz Grinder ( read our in-depth review ), because they have a patented shape for grinding MMJ. The distance between them must be precisely calculated thus making our grinded material ready to be smoked or put in a vape.

Two pieces, Four pieces

4 piece vs 2 piece herb grinders showdown
4 pieces vs 2 pieces herb grinders

We actually did a more in-depth article about the advantages of a 4 piece marijuana grinder, but because this is another important aspect we have to remind you. Two piece grinders are not that complex, but they lack some important things. If you can live without kief you can go ahead and buy a 2 piece shredder, but you will regret it.

Kief catcher

Santa Cruz Shredder Kief Catcher
Santa Cruz Shredder Kief Catcher

The kief catcher is the thing that all the two piece grinders lack, and we hate them for this. The important thing about this is the steel mesh which separates kief from the other weed. The finer the mesh the better the kief, but if you make it too fine, you won’t be able to collect anything so the balance must be just right. We enjoy the fact that the Santa Cruz Shredder was designed for medical marijuana users thus making their steel mesh one of the best on the market.


mendo mulcher 2 piece marijuana grinder
Mendo Mulcher 2 piece mmj grinder

Size does matter in this case, we have a lot of dimension to choose from and that can be frustrating, you can get a grinder size chart here. But you have to think about it for a while, do you want a 2” one or 20” one ? This a matter of personal choice and we can’t make any suggestion, the only thing that we can say is that we love the 4 inch ones.

Brand Name

Royale Herb Grinder review
Brand Mane Matters

Brand name matters a lot because we get quality products. Would you buy an yPhone rather than an iPhone? I wouldn’t buy anything that doesn’t sound right, I hate spending money on things that will break pretty fast and put my health in danger for no reason. This aspect is also a personal one that we, at BestGrinderHQ share.

We would love to hear your comments on this grinder buying guide so don’t be shy, you can even contact us using out form and we will try to reply as fast as we can.

If you think that we forgot about something important let us know and we will update the page.

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