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Well worth the vape

The rumors of a vaporizer that looks like an old lighter’ began just over a year ago in early 2013; not coincidentally, it’s around this same time that the Indica Vaporizer began its journey from notion to full-fledged reality.

zippo weed Indica Vaporizer
Indica Vaporizer

Whether its goal of being the best portable vaporizer on the market’ remains to be seen, the Indica surely puts every effort toward it. Borrowing from the equity of classic lighter design, the chassis alone is worthy of attention.

Its polished silver exterior immediately sets it apart from competitor’s playful colors and goth-clad ensembles. It’s reserved approach is part of what drives the ‘cool factor‘ of the Indica. Just holding it feels—genuine. It doesn’t have to show off.

The look is familiar, but at its heart are some surprises. Ladies and gentlemen: the Indica Vaporizer.

If the exterior is all restraint, the internal engineering is anything but. Two rechargable batteries power the lndica’s five temperature levels of true vaporization.

Pair this with a chamber that can accept up to .25g of a favorite blend—and you have a handheld unit with the fortitude and versatility that far exceeds expectations. The Indica Vaporizer proves that— in the end—investing the time and care is always worth it in lite long run.

cool new vaporizer tool kit
cool new vaporizer tool kit

Style and grace / with a refined look that is as attractive at it is ergonomic, the Indica Vaporizer is completely portable and at home anywhere

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