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What is kief and how to collect it ?

The term `kif^ comes from Morocco and means pleasure. There are a few ways you can write it kief, keef, kif or keif. This most desired powder contains a higher concentration of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) the high will last longer and will be stronger than your average bud blunt. The quality depends on the quality of the marijuana plant. Read more about it on Cannabis Culture.

How to collect it

save keef by using a weed grinder
save keef by using a weed grinder

There are many DIY ways to do this, one of them is using 2 steel mesh screens and rubbing them, this method is both time consuming and wrongs because you won’t be able to grind your herb correctly and thus not collecting kief. Best way to do this is by using a herb grinder, 3 or 4 pieces, these grinders are designed to collect kief, you can learn how to use one here.

Your precious kief will collect in the bottom part with the help of a stainless steel mesh called kief catcher. If you try to break your bud using your hands all that powder will be lost because it will stick to your fingers.

You will not be able to collect kief if you are using a two-chamber grinder, or you live in the stone age and use scissors to crush weed so. Take a look at our grinder reviews and select your best match.

Try adding a coin in the kief compartment and shake your grinder, this way you will collect more thus making your smoking experience better and longer.

We suggest that you take a look at our selection of metal pot grinders, all of them are 4 piece (3 chamber) grinders because they have a kief catcher chamber.

What to do with it

herd grinders make the best kief
herd grinders make the best kief


Well, most people just sprinkle some on marijuana and roll a joint or a blunt, this will make a better high, but it will also make the smoke easier to inhale. You can make hash from your kief, learn how to do it at home, the process is easy.

You can also make eatables like cookies, brownies or any food that can be cook in oil, but you will have to make THC infusions and transform your kief into butter or oil.

Or you can make tea, you will get high with it so be careful. Boil the water and pour it over your kief, you will have to let them work together for about 90 minutes, the effects are similar to eating it. You can add other flavours with it so don’t be why and some mint or any other herbal flavour that you have.

Or you can manually press it until you get a nice round ball, take it to the oven and the smoke it with a hash pipe.

Smoke it using a vaporizer, you will not regret it.

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