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What is the worst grinder ?

I got an email the other day from a visitor who used our contact form and he wrote:

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to know that your website rocks and I love all the tips that you post in each grinder review. I have a fun question for you guys What is the worst pot grinder that you used?

Thanks, G.

Well, the question is fun indeed, and we want to thank you for it. The answer can be simple, but I like to talk about it in details.

4 Piece Acrylic HerbGrinder
4 Piece Acrylic HerbGrinder

The worst grinder that I have ever used was an acrylic one that I bought from a gas station. I was on the road traveling to some friends and forgot my Space Case Grinder at home, I also forgot my weed but that’s another story. I’ve also wrote a more detailed version of acrylic grinders and the bad parts involved in buying one.

So the grinder worked good at first while we used dryer pot but when we started with the good stuff we had a real problem. The pot was starting to stick to the teeth and we hard a hard time getting anything done. On top of that we couldn’t collect any kief because this shredder had only one chamber.

We had a vape with us but couldn’t use it properly because this grinder wasn’t made for vape usage so we smoked blunts and joints. Because of this we came to the old school method (no grinder) and used some scissors and our hands, but this won’t work very good on a vape but you can manage a few hits.

To close out, my worst grinder was an acrylic based grinder that I hated and thrown away after 3 days, I highly recommend using a top rated metal grinder, you can also select one that was reviewed here. You can still use the contact form and send and questions that you could have, we at the Best Grinder HQ will do our best to answer them.

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